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Travel Iceland

Going to Iceland had been an old dream of mine that came true in 2009 and, captivated by the country, we have been back several times. This island, close to the Arctic Circle and covered in landscapes unique in the world, arose out of the ocean as a result of multiple volcanic eruptions. But for us, Iceland is above all the people we meet, welcoming and proud of their country. A people with lots of humor and easy-going about their society, both high-tech and anchored in its traditions at the same time.

In answer to the question put to Neil Amstrong upon his return to Earth: “What does the moon look like?”, he replied “Iceland”!

An utter change of scenery, an initiatory journey back to the origins of the world: the use of superlatives is not out of place here where beauty and force are united. Iceland is, of course, those surreal landscapes and that preserved nature but it is also a never-ending battle against the elements in this land of mysterious and bewitching splendour.

Bon voyage.

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